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A-Rated Flame Retardant Paint

Flame Retardant Paint

PA Industries is a Detroit MI producer of A-Rated Flame Retardant Paint. Flame retardants are a critical component of any effort to reduce the devastating impact of property fires. People, property, and the environment can all be protected by the appropriate use of flame retardant materials, including flame retardant paint.

The Benefits of Flame Retardant Paint

Flame retardant paint helps to prevent fires from starting, but also helps to limit the spread of fires and minimize damage. Although flame retardant paint cannot eliminate the risk of a fire, it does give people more time to get out of danger and gives emergency responders more time to respond to the fire and stop its spread. In many cases, a few extra minutes can be the difference between minor damage and a total loss, or the difference between life and death.

The PA Industries Advantage

Here at PA Industries, we know how important it is for Detroit MI property owners to know they have done everything they can to protect their property. That’s why we manufacture our A-Rated flame retardant paint right here in Michigan to ensure that each batch is of the highest possible quality.

PA Industries offers same day service in the Detroit MI area. We keep four different paint colors in stock for immediate shipment and are proud to offer 1 day service on ANY color. When you source your flame retardant paint from PA Industries, you know that you will be getting exactly what you need at the exact time you need it.

For more information about our flame retardant paint or about how your home, commercial property, or new construction project can benefit, contact PA Industries today!